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Membership in the Karl Jaspers Society of North America is $ 25.00/year
payable to "KJSNA":

Please fill out the membership form (see below) and send your check to

KJSNA Secretary-Treasurer
P.O. Box 150551
San Rafael, CA 94915

For membership information, contact Dr. Ruth Burch
[email protected] | 8.1.21

Other payment options

Use ZELLE for a fee-free direct Bank Transfer. Send Zelle transfers to [email protected]

Use popmoney for direct Bank Transfer with a $0.95 fee. Send popmoney transfers to [email protected]

To inquire about direct ACH transfer, contact [email protected]

For online payments (incl. processing fee), select option below.

Life Membership $ 200.00 (online payment 210.00)

Membership includes eligibility for participation in KJSNA research projects and events, such as conference papers and discussions at annual meetings held in conjunction with APA (Eastern, Central, and Pacific divisions) or online, the World Congress of Philosophy (every five years), and up-to-date information on activities of the International Association of Jaspers Societies. Presented papers at any of the KJSNA venues are eligible for consideration to be published in Existenz.

Membership is due at the beginning of each calendar year.

For new members only: Any subscriptions received prior to August 31st will count as payment for the current year. Any payments received past September 1st will count for the following calendar year.

Conference Registration

Conference registration fees are not refundable.

Membership/Registration Form (download here).


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